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May 29, 2022

Voters – especially Latinos, and new and likely midterm Democratic voters – across Melrose Park, Franklin Park, Northlake, and Stone Park need to read and see while on the go that there is a Democratic election happening on June 28th and that the early voting period runs from June 1st-June 27th. They have a choice to make on June 28th between Kathleen Willis a 10-year incumbent who has relied on big money from former Speaker Mike Madigan, indicted Chicago Alderman Ed Burke, and big pharma to remain in office and Norma Hernandez, a fierce advocate for middle-class families struggling in this bad economy, who will work side by side with suburban Mayors to take on public safety, who will be a leader for our schools and make them responsive to the needs of our district, and who will fight for health care access by bringing down the cost of premiums & medicine.

Voters need to know about Norma's high-profile endorsement from Congressman Jesús "Chuy" García and her background as an independent advocate for a real participatory democracy and Kathleen Willis' dependence on Mike Madigan and corrupt Chicago politicians for political power. 


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