I am running for State Representative to be a voice for every day, working people like you and me. This campaign will focus on solutions to many of the problems that we face and with your support we will fight to: provide all of our kids with access to quality education, guarantee safe communities for all our families, improve health care affordability and access, increase support for small business and make the economy work for normal people!

We deserve results that actually matter in our lives.

Families need a break

With the rising costs of everyday necessities, working families need relief. Working families need solutions to systemic problems, not more taxes and higher fees. I support expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit and creating a state Child Tax Credit. Illinois residents need immediate protection from outrageous electricity and gas rate hikes; utility companies need to be reigned in. I support closing corporate tax loopholes that allow billionaires to shift the tax burden onto middle class Illinois households

Fast-track the $15/hr minimum wage.

With rising prices of gas and food, we can’t wait until 2025 for the $15/hour wage to take effect in Illinois. Two-thirds of minimum wage workers are women who are working to support their families – we cannot wait!


We need to fix our supply chains and bring good paying jobs back to Illinois. I will work hard to expand access to vocational and skills training, take on outsourcers to bring jobs here, and put people to work. To bring down the cost of living, we need to provide pathways into good-paying trade jobs


Our schools should be the intellectual centers of the community. They should be well resourced to give every child an opportunity to thrive. They must provide safe learning spaces free from bullying and harassment. Likewise, they should be prepared to provide wrap around services, including mental health support. The public health crisis that drove schools to adopt remote learning policies highlighted the severity of the digital divide. I will advocate for Illinois to make sure every family has access to broadband internet. I will work with leaders at all levels of government to expand higher education loan forgiveness programs, especially for those in high-demand fields, such as teaching.

Public Safety

The rise in crime has gotten to an unimaginable point. We need direct policies to intervene and keep communities safe. We need innovative solutions to guarantee public safety, including well funded violence prevention initiatives need to tackle the root causes of crime. Our elected officials should promote policies that build trusting and respectful relationships with law enforcement, and make sure they have the resources they need to safely and effectively fulfill their duties. People should be able to enjoy their neighborhoods, and kids should be able to get to school without fear of violenc

Working-class women deserve more from our leaders!

Pay equity for women.

The Equity Pay Act was passed 20 years ago. Yet, women still only make 80 cents on the dollar compared to men. That wage gap is worse for Latinas (55 cents).

Paid Parental and Maternity Leave.

Only some families qualify for paid maternity leave, and for only 12 weeks. We must do better. Illinois must guarantee paid leave for all and increase to 18 weeks.

Expand and simplify childcare for working-class mothers.

Cut the red tape and expand the Illinois Child Care Assistance Program. Mothers should not have to choose between earning a living and affording childcare. As your State Representative, I will be a strong advocate for expanded Pre-K and early childhood education in our state


With women's rights under threat across the country, we must stand up to the far Right and do everything to make sure Roe v. Wade remains the law of the land in Illinois. Even if the Supreme Court overturns it nationally, a woman's right to choose should always be protected in Illinois and women should always have access to health care and birth control.